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Sagra delle pesche a Bivona - Casale Margherita Ricevimenti Agrigento

Peach Festival in Bivona

In province of Agrigento, in the beautiful Sicilian town Bivona, summer ends on a high note with a festival dedicated to the famous PGI-labelled Pescabivona. The long-awaited event is held every last weekend of August, and it has become an interesting tourist attraction thanks to the rich presence of history, art and extraordinary natural landscapes in…

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Festa di San Calogero ad Agrigento - Casale Margherita

Celebration of San Calogero in Agrigento

From the first to the second Sunday of July, for eight days, Agrigento is embellished by ancient traditions, legends and customs to celebrate Saint Calogero. During the festivities, the most traditional traits of Agrigento culture surface along the city streets, such as the tradition of walking barefoot from one's home to the shrine dedicated to him,…

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Sagra del pistacchio a Raffadali - Casale Margherita Ricevimenti Agrigento

Pistachio Festival in Raffadali

Also known as Fastuca Fest, the Pistachio Festival takes place the 3th weekend of September, with the purpose to promote the delicious green fruit, precisely defined in dialect "Fastuca". The cultivation of pistachio was introduced in Sicily by the Arabs. Raffadali's pistachio in particular, is a highly prized product with an intense flavour, which is used…

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Festa di Gesù Nazareno - Casale Margherita Ricevimenti Agrigento

Celebration of Gesù Nazareno – San Giovanni Gemini

Recorded for the first time in 1677, the Celebration of Gesù Nazareno takes place every year on the second Sunday of June, and it's one of the most ancient and popular Sicilian celebrations. It is composed by various stages: "A costruzione du carru" and "a 'mmurditura di l'assi e du timuni" start the main preparatives of…

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Agrigento: Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2025 - Casale Margherita

Agrigento: Italian Capital of Culture 2025

It’s official! Agrigento is going to be the Italian Capital of Culture in 2025: it was the Secretary of State for Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano that stated so on March 31th during the ceremony in Sala Spadolini in Rome. The mayor of Agrigento Franco Miccichè welcomed the news, saying he was 'thrilled and proud!' for the prestigious…

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